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TheGroove.guru is now ready to take your vinyl orders for the finest product available. We service all US and Canadian customers from our brand new state-of-the-art facility.

We are a one-stop shop, so just send us your music and let us do the rest. We can even design your entire package if you wish.

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The Story

The spectacular rebirth of the LP has come with unexpected growing pains. New record-pressing machines haven’t been manufactured for decades, forcing new manufacturers to dredge up and refurbish used, creaky presses. And demand far outweighs the industry’s capacity: only a finite number of old presses remain, forcing delays that can stretch six months or longer as labels wait their turn to press records.

Our factory has designed a modernized, fully automated record press that will hit factory floors later this year.

It is designing completely modernized, automated and more efficient machines. Its staff nerds out over great engineering as much as music. “We’re going to collect all this dark information that’s never been known in record pressing before,” Mr. Brown says. “Nozzle pressure, temperature, all this data that’s necessary to actually make a perfect record. In the fifties and sixties, they didn’t have this technology.”

Vinyl records are made by steam-heating and squishing pucks of PVC between “negative” metal moulds. Viryl’s presses are designed such that a worker could run two at once – loading materials, entering settings for colour and weight – while the machine takes care of everything from puck-making to cooling. Simpler is always better!

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