Demand for vinyl records is spinning out of control!

Demand for vinyl records is spinning out of control!

Sure, you’ve heard that vinyl records are cool. And yeah, I’m sure you’ve even heard that they are selling at more rapid rates than any other music format. But it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down and the reasons why might surprise you!

Everyone knows someone who has an impressive vintage collection on their shelf from the Columbia House membership they had back in 1987, but that’s not who seems to be most interested today. Don’t get me wrong, there are gigantic groups of people who piled stacks of vinyl in their basements through the 90’s and early 2000’s who would love to break out that copy of “Thriller.” But they aren’t necessarily collectors today or purchasing anything new.

So who is it that did the impossible and brought an old cobweb covered music format back up to the top again!? Well, the easy answer is to call these people collectors but the word collector has yet to be explored in such a broad sense with the world of music. Typically in the past the “music collector procedure” is something similar to the following. Hear a musician or band that you like, seek out the album, purchase it, listen to it and love it! But according to a vast majority of collectors who purchase vinyl today just collect, and don’t have much intent to actually play that record! I know, it sounds crazy but think about how easy something like music is delivered to us in 2016. In reality, if you’re not a genuine audiophile, it’s probably much more easy and ideal to open up Spotify on your computer. Oh, and because you watch so much Netflix on there you already paid for the really nice speaker system, so it’ll probably even sound better… right!? It’s almost hard to understand how something like vinyl can find a place in today’s market with the convenience and quality of digital media. But that’s because we look at it like we used to, and not the way that it’s marketed today. Vinyl producers understand that when you make the decision to purchase it’s far less about owning music to listen to and so much more about the overall “roundness” of the personal collection. Places like Urban Outfitters (who sell more vinyl and players than any other retailer) push alt-classics and off-center selections because they know you’re not just purchasing music, you’re purchasing an extended piece of your personality. And most of us oddball music enthusiasts relish in being unique.

That means that smaller bands have a HUGE potential to sell vinyl because typical collectors want something unique for the collection.

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