Exciting New Artist In Development!

Exciting New Artist In Development!

Once you hear him, you won’t be surprised to learn that he’s been playing music since he was 12 years old. His style is unlike that of your everyday acoustic guitar player and believe me, it’s a great thing. It’s rare that the world is introduced to a musician that you have to see it believe.. literally. Even if you stare at his hands while he’s playing, it’s still difficult to comprehend that every sound you hear is produced from only two hands and one guitar. Somewhat in the vein of Andy Mckee, he uses more that just the strings. It almost seems like he sat down and dedicated time to every nook and cranny of his instrument. Individually developing and perfected every unique reverberation and sound to create compositions that seamlessly weave through melodic grooves and tapping rhythmic percussion. He’s a rising star on the finger-picking guitar scene and we’re proud to announce that he’s working with TheGroove.Guru on developing his newest album.

Ladies and gentlemen, do yourself a favor and check out Daniel Voth.

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