The Process: Order Your Own Signature Vinyl In Just 3 Simple Steps

The Process: Order Your Own Signature Vinyl In Just 3 Simple Steps


For years now, vinyl has become more and more sought after by music lovers. But until just recently the only way to get something pressed is to dredge up the old creaky, expensive machines that can take up to 6 months to process.


Here at Groove.Guru, our factory has designed a modernized, fully automated record press. It is a completely modernized, automated and more efficient machine. Its staff nerds out over great engineering as much as music. “We’re going to collect all this dark information that’s never been known in record pressing before,” Mr. Brown says. “Nozzle pressure, temperature, all this data that’s necessary to actually make a perfect record. In the fifties and sixties, they didn’t have this technology.”

So let’s get started!


Firsts things first. We need to know what you’re looking for! We strive to make this as easy as possible, so we’ve made sure it’s all covered in our simple to use order form.


In very short time, you’ll be sent information about setting up your master’s for processing, full color cover art & your unique bar-code. Along with it will include a confirmation for both quantity and pricing. At this point you can select any upgrades or alternatives available. Check out options here!


We’ll process your media and send you printed proofs of the record jacket + both A & B side labels confirmation. If you’re interested, you can also choose to have 10 test vinyl prints for a small additional charge.

You won’t believe how easy it is to get high quality signature vinyl.

Check it out –> Order your own SIGNATURE VINYL here!


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