Take a sneak peek at President Obama’s personal vinyl setup!

Take a sneak peek at President Obama’s personal vinyl setup!

When it’s your job to make some of the most important decisions in the country, it’s assumed that you have some sort of experience or even method to making the right ones. So how can we not be curious about what kind of vinyl setup President Obama has for himself? Is he an old-school kind of guy? Or maybe he’s just the opposite? One thing we do know is that he has a large place in his heart for music (as you can see in pitchfork‘s “The Presidential Suite: A Look Back at Obama’s Musical Milestones.”) He’s undoubtedly a big fan and the kind of guy that can probably get his hands on just about any piece of equipment he wants. So what in the world does he have?

Well… Architectural Digest recently showcased the private dwellings of the Obama’s in the White House, which gave us a glimpse at their turntable, the sytem and some vinyl. Take a look!


Here’s what we can see:

We have a Denon DP-300F record player($450.00 on amazon.com) Kanto YU5 speakers($350.00 on amazon.com) and the Audioengine’s S8 sub woofer($450.00 on amazon.com)

Pretty classy! It looks like some audiophiles took to Reddit to critique his setup. What do you think?


Check out the full article from pitchfork.com here

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